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Renewable Long Term Objectives - Position Paper

The European Council held a meeting in December 2019 toward the development of innovative policy solutions and achievements of the objective for climate-neutral EU by 2050. Kosovo and other regional countries are signatory parties (Contracting Parties) to the

2030 EU Renewable Target Requirements - Kosovo Position

EU member states and the Contracting Parties of Energy Community are under the process of adopting new schemes for accommodating new RES targets requirements.

Want to Invest in Renewable Energy in Kosovo?

In the last decade, around 140 MW of renewable technology is installed. Until 2020, 414 MW of renewable technology should be installed! 

Electricity generation in Kosovo is currently provided mainly

Kosovo and Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECI)

Kosovo as a Signatory Party to the Energy Community Treaty is obliged to harmonize its national legislation in compliance with EU energy acquis communautaire, and in relation to this from Kosovo is required to transpose Regulation (EU) 347/2013 of the

Kosovo Institutional Responsibilities of the Energy Sector

The Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo adopts laws and appoints the board members of the energy regulator. The supervision of the regulator is done by requesting the Chairman of the Board to report at the respective

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