Kosovo and Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECI)

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Kosovo and Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECI)

Kosovo as a Signatory Party to the Energy Community Treaty is obliged to harmonize its national legislation in compliance with EU energy acquis communautaire, and in relation to this from Kosovo is required to transpose Regulation (EU) 347/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure (hereon after: the Regulation) as adopted by a Ministerial Council Decision (D/2015/09/MC-EnC). The Regulation helps countries facilitate investments in energy infrastructure in order to achieve EU’s energy and climate goals, establish an internal energy market and improve the security of supply.

By adopting the Administrative Instruction No. 01/2017 on the Promotion of Joint Regional Investments in the Energy Sector (hereon after: the Administrative Instruction No. 01/2017), Kosovo became one of the first Contracting Parties to make concrete progress in the legal transposition of the requirements of the Regulation.

Kosovo has chosen the ‘collaborative scheme’ as leading to the Comprehensive Decision as the mechanism to implement the permit-granting process and as such the One Stop Shop as the Competent Authority shall coordinate the process leading to the issuance of the Comprehensive Decision. The Comprehensive Decision means the set of individual decisions necessary to be obtained by the Project Promoter. These individual decisions are issued by relevant authorities based on the competencies provided by different laws of Kosovo.

The permit granting process is split into two phases, such as the Pre-Application Stage and The Statutory/Legal Permit-granting Procedure.

Disclaimer: The above data and information contained in this article are general and might not be relevant for specific project needs. This Article shall be used as an informative tool and not as a single source of information. In case of any specific requirement kindly search the respective laws, or if you require any legal advice contact us through: info@optima-ec.com.


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