Kosovo Institutional Responsibilities of the Energy sector

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Kosovo Institutional Responsibilities of the Energy Sector

The Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo adopts laws and appoints the board members of the energy regulator. The supervision of the regulator is done by requesting the Chairman of the Board to report at the respective functional committee of the Parliament.

The Energy Regulator Office (ERO) is an independent agency and performs its duties independently from other legal or natural persons, and acts independently from market interest. ERO licenses the energy operators, monitors the performance of system operators and resolves the disputes between costumers and operators. The ERO is in charge of issuing an authorization to construct new generation capacities, as well as the generation license for the capacity exceeding 5MW. The ERO also sets the feed-in tariff for renewable technology and is the competent authority for issuing certificates of origin.

The Ministry of Economic Development (MED), through Energy Department, is in charge for the policy-making, monitoring and coordination competencies for renewable energy. The MED is also responsible for setting the national RES targets to be achieved by 2020.

The Ministry of Environmental and Spatial Planning (MESP) is responsible for the issuance of consents and permits related to the environment. MESP is also responsible to issue water use permit and construction permit for generation capacities exceeding 10 MW.

Municipalities are responsible for adopting municipality development plans which envisage the construction of power plants. Municipalities have competence for the issuance of construction permits for generation capacities of less than 10 MW.

System Operators (Transmission and Distribution) are responsible enterprises for providing access and connecting RES power plants to their respective grids. System operators issue connection terms, as well as a comprehensive and detailed estimate of the costs associated with the connection.


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