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Want to Invest in Renewable Energy in Kosovo?

In the last decade, around 140 MW of renewable technology is installed. Until 2020, 414 MW of renewable technology should be installed! 

Electricity generation in Kosovo is currently provided mainly by two lignite-fired thermal power plants (Kosovo A and Kosovo B), around 93% of actual electricity production. The other generation of electricity comes from Ujmani/Gazivoda as the biggest hydropower plant, as well as other small hydro plants and other renewable technologies, entered into operation lately such as wind and photovoltaic generators.

The average selling price of electricity in Kosovo varies depending on the consumer category, the voltage level at which the customers are connected and based on the consumption of electricity at different tariff rates according to the time when energy is consumed (day and night). VAT for the electricity price for consumption is 8%.

Particularly in the last decade, Kosovo made significant progress installment of renewable technology due to the Feed-in Tariffs applicable. Kosovo has installed around 140 MW of renewable technology. The current Support Scheme supports a total of 414 MW renewables and relies on technology-specific Feed-in Tariffs with long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) guaranteeing to dispatch. 

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