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Report on One Stop Shop Manual of Procedures in Kosovo

The law on Energy requires the establishment of the One-Stop-Shop through a special secondary legal act, with the main purpose to facilitate investments in the renewable energy sector in Kosovo. In relation to this, the Government of Kosovo on March 19th, 2018 adopted Regulation No. 05/2018 on One-Stop Shop for Renewable Energy Sources (hereinafter referred to as: Regulation on OSS for RES). The Regulation on OSS for RES is adopted based on the requirement of the law on Energy and the aim is to support investments in renewable sources by assisting with coordination, cooperation and information of parties whilst facilitating their investment process in renewable.

One-Stop-Shop for RES is based at the Ministry of Economic Development (hereinafter referred to as: MED) as the responsible entity to perform activities required by the Regulation on OSS for RES. Duties and responsibilities of OSS for RES are clearly defined by the Regulation on OSS for RES. The decision on appointing responsible officials within the MED should be taken in order for officials to take over the responsibilities envisaged for this purpose. One-Stop-Shop establishment and functionalization is envisaged also in the Energy Strategy of Kosovo 2017-2026, with the main purpose to facilitate the development of projects in the field of RES

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