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Advisory Serviecs to Hidroenergjia LLC

Optima Energy Consulting Supports Hidroenergjia with the following services:

(a)Representation and/or intermediation during negotiations with potential investors;
(b)Advisory Services on optimization of the capital structure (financing);
(c)Exploration, identification and recommendation for financing;
(d) Development of financial models and investment appraisals:
(e)Presentation of project for investors;
(f)Assessment of regulatory, legal, technical and financial risk of projects;
(g)Feasibility studies for projects in the energy sector, namely water, wind, biogas/ biomass and solar energy projects;
(h)Preparation of authorization procedures for building new generation capacities;
(i)Preparation of documents and regular follow-up for fulfilling legal and technical requirements specified in the regulatory license;
(j)Advises on the optimization of sales of electricity, in accordance with RES promotion schemes and Market Rules;
(k)Corporate Governance of Energy Companies;
(l) Advises for business development.

About Optima

Optima Energy Consulting is a niche economics advisory practice providing services in Energy Policy, Regulation, Business Planning, Renewables and Investment analysis in the Power and Water sectors

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Recent projects

Optima Energy Consulting assists private developers and energy utilities in Regulation, Permits, Licences and Technical Codes compliance, Price Reviews and Business Planning and Development. Follow the link below to see some of our recent projects.

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