Technical Assistance to Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority on Ring-fencing guidelines and Small-Scale Embedded Generation

We are very pleased to support the Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority (ESERA) in its energy sector reform efforts. We have teamed up with a small consortium of South African-based companies led by Kugel Legal to provide ESERA with Guidelines on ring-fencing power sector activities and supporting the development of the Small Scale Embedded Generation policy

The services that will be performed by Optima EC in implementation of this task will be;

  • Identification of activities, costs and market behaviors subject to regulatory oversight,
  • Segregation of activities and costs according to major value chain activities,
  • Develop and update the guidelines for reporting costs in accordance with major supply chain activities.

Our Services

Investment Appraisal
and feasibility studies

Market and
Regulatory Risk analysis

Permits, Licenses,
Technical Codes compliance

Institutional capacity building and training
in energy policy and regulation

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