Market Coupling Activity of Development of Regional Energy Market (DREM), financed by USAID

We will work with Tetra Tech ES, Inc. for the implementation of the USAID funded project on the Development of Regional Energy Markets to assist Kosovo and Albania stakeholders in establishing the electricity Market Coupling.

Optima Energy Consulting (Optima EC) will provide legal advisory services to the beneficiaries and together with the market coupling team of consultants will assist both countries. 

Optima EC will assist Tetra Tech during the implementation of the Market Coupling activities. are related to the list of tasks, as defined below:

  • Support timely publication of the solicitation for the APEX shareholders with particular attention on Kosovo side.
  • Support KOSTT’s application for becoming a shareholder of APEX.
  • Support timely evaluation of applications/execution of shareholding agreements with the selected shareholders.
  • Support KOSTT in designating APEX as their nominated operator of the organized electricity market (NEMO) 
  • Support legal working groups throughout the process with particular attention on Kosovo side.
  • Support full harmonization of legal and regulatory documentation from both countries with particular attention on Kosovo side requirements.
  • Support drafting of any additionally required legal and regulatory acts for both countries including review and adjustments of all future contracts and agreements needed for coupled markets operation.

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