District Heat Metering Activity – Reliable Energy Landscape Project (RELP), financed by Millennium Foundation Kosovo

District Heat Metering Activity is part of Reliable Energy Landscape Project (RELP), a project of the Millennium Challenge Corporation and implemented by Millennium Foundation Kosovo. The objective of RELP is to reduce the current gap between energy demand and supply, by lowering energy use through piloting households investments in energy efficiency, switching to cost-effective non-electricity sources of heating, and reducing barriers to independent power producer (“IPP”) entrants to the market. The objective of DHM, on the other hand, is to put in place metering in the Prishtina DH network as a prerequisite for the DH company (TERMOKOS) to operate in a sustainable manner and provide heating to the consumer in the most efficient way, i.e to the lowest possible heat charge. The DHM measures in Prishtina will significantly support scaling up DH networks in Kosovo. It will support heating electricity consumption reduction by expanding quantity-based district heat metering on the Termokos district heat supply network in Prishtina. Implementing consumption-based heat metering will reduce demand on the district heat network and support expansion of heat supply services to new consumers which rely on electricity for heating, as well as improve the service for the consumers who already reside in buildings connected to district heating services.

Scope of services to be provided by Optima are described below;

  • Design, planning, and implementation of Behaviour, Change, and Outreach (BC&O) campaign.
  • Analysis and preparation of baseline studies and investment plans.
  • Institutional, organization and regulatory measures.
  • Cross-cutting gender and social requirements predicated for the District Heat Metering Activity.

Our Services

Investment Appraisal
and feasibility studies

Market and
Regulatory Risk analysis

Permits, Licenses,
Technical Codes compliance

Institutional capacity building and training
in energy policy and regulation

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